Made in Thailand.

*Tempeh Chips – probably the most sustainable snack on earth!

Thriving on plants


The word chivi is a short form of chivit and it means “life” in Thai. Every chivi product – food and non-food – is connected to plants. Consumers globally become increasingly aware of health and environmental issues that echoes in the fundamental change in how we understand growth. Renewable raw material should be the priority on every agenda for a New Quality of Growth.


Vision Mission Values

Meet our highly skilled team! We are food scientists, quality controller, graphic designer, accountants, inventory controller, and a dedicated production team. Plants always played an important role in the South-East Asian cuisine. Our aim is to produce meaningful products to revive this traditional role plants used to play. It has never been easier to enjoy healthy & ready-to-eat food. Most importantly, we believe in female power, over 90% of our employees are women. 

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Our vision is to become a leading food & beverage manufacturer with a clear purpose through our business and brands – to make products in the most sustainable way. It is our mission to produce safe and premium quality products that reflect our culinary heritage to delight consumers every day and around the globe. We value our customers and business partners. We treat them the way we’d like to be treated. We care about our environment, and we put honesty as well as integrity into the heart of our operation. Our employees are our assets!

A sustainable lifestyle echoes into the future

A plant-based orientated approach for our nutrition and lifestyle has the power to transform our way of living to preserve for future generations.